“Hide and Seek”

A sinister visitor unknown to doctors  

Lying dormant inside of her insides,

A parasite gaining nourishment from her body

Dividing and infiltrating cell after cell

Playing its own game of hide and seek.

Wreaking havoc and crippling pain

The mutation sails through her blood

Dictating how she will live her life

Denying what was once promised her, 

Stealing the best years of her remaining life.

Metastasized. Metastasized.

Feeding off her organs as if at a buffet

Sampling from this one and that

Stuffing its nameless face

with all that it can consume.

Accepting eradication is impossible

Radiation and chemotherapy

Are but a mere slumber to the beast

Simply slowing down its destruction

With no plans to vacate the premises.

Hope is but a fool’s illusion 

Wasting time that can’t be turned back

Spending energy that is lost forever

Fighting what you cannot win,

Wishing for just a little more time.


Author: Loni Strach

My soul’s desire has always been to create something from nothing. To sit with a blank screen and craft my stories, poetry and anything that tickles my fancy, from my own unique point of view. As I thought about what I wanted to create and how I would present it to the world, I decided this site was a platform where I could share my musings and talents. My desire is to connect with others who share my affinity for everyday humor, while navigating through life’s joys and challenges. I am not a professional writer but I am interested in sharing my inspirations and craziness that is my life as a wannabe writer, poet, storyteller, student, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. My hope is that in sharing my unique perspective on my own experiences, I will in turn touch someone’s life; whether through laughter or tears. We are all the same, seeking connections and a place to fit in. I welcome all to be inspired and to be inspiring.

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