“it is what it is”

a thing, a thought, an action?
an untruth, broken promise, or excuse?
a reason to quit, to transmit, or submit?
to deflect, a defect, or infect?
an insecurity, from instability, with inability?
a right, a wrong, or the other?
because you can’t, you won’t, so you don’t?
all black, white or grey?

you say it without saying it.
you play it without playing it.
you surrender to it without pause.
the circumstances leave you, without cause.
it is yours to speak.
like a slap across my cheek.
so you can be the good guy.
no matter how little you try.

these empty words
carry the weight
of indifference, dismission
and of hate
so be careful to consider
the stain left on my heart
when these five toxic words
from your lips do part.


“Hide and Seek”

A sinister visitor unknown to doctors  

Lying dormant inside of her insides,

A parasite gaining nourishment from her body

Dividing and infiltrating cell after cell

Playing its own game of hide and seek.

Wreaking havoc and crippling pain

The mutation sails through her blood

Dictating how she will live her life

Denying what was once promised her, 

Stealing the best years of her remaining life.

Metastasized. Metastasized.

Feeding off her organs as if at a buffet

Sampling from this one and that

Stuffing its nameless face

with all that it can consume.

Accepting eradication is impossible

Radiation and chemotherapy

Are but a mere slumber to the beast

Simply slowing down its destruction

With no plans to vacate the premises.

Hope is but a fool’s illusion 

Wasting time that can’t be turned back

Spending energy that is lost forever

Fighting what you cannot win,

Wishing for just a little more time.


A lifelong battle pursues the tormented, refusing to assuage the heart and soul where a relationship splintered beyond repair offers cruel hopelessness.

Eternally standing outside and looking in to what she misses the most yet unwilling to forgive the hurt done to her, by those meant to protect her.

Her heart, seemingly encased in layers of steel acts to insure against all future pain while blocking her off from the family she needs.

She survives her fragmented new life alone allowing her anger to act as a reminder of what she has already lost, incapable of remembering who she was before the betrayal.

Caught in the eternal wave of fight or flight to save herself once more, she screams for help to help her heal what is broken inside.

“So Far Away”

The past is gone

it lives not today,

keep a short memory

to forgive what they say.

Steady yourself, just keep still,

hold onto you and harbor no ills.

Open your heart to all of loves gifts,

and only let love pass through your lips.

With kindness and grace, feed and nourish

the unbreakable love you’re meant to cherish.

Cling to what you once held dear,

in this love, you both agreed to share.

Do not surrender on what was once true,

for your happiness depends all on you.

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