It Manners to Me!

Has anyone seen, “excuse me”?  It appears to be missing.  I just cannot seem to find it anywhere.  It is not at work, or school, or the grocery store or the mall!  It is definitely not in the car or on the train!  Nor is it on an elevator or in a door way.  Did it take a vacation?  Did it move to another country?

Has anyone seen “excuse me?”  I wish I knew where “excuse me” was.  I really miss it!  It used to be so polite and had so many friends.  It was always around when you needed it.  No matter who you ran into they would always have “excuse me” with them.  It was nice.
People really liked to introduce “excuse me” to everyone!  Whenever you would encounter them coming in or going out of a door, they would introduce, “excuse me”.   When you were standing in line and someone needed you to step aside they would again introduce, “excuse me.”  When they bumped into you they were especially excited for you to meet, “excuse me.”   And now, “excuse me” is hardly around anymore.  If it is, people have stopped introducing it to other people.

Have we outgrown “excuse me” these days?  Have we become so wrapped up in our Smartphones and iPads that we just forget to introduce “excuse me” to people?  Have we become such an isolated society that nobody needs a friend like “excuse me?”  “Excuse me” was excellent at starting conversations with people, face to face, anywhere.

It seems to me that we were a much friendlier society when we were all friends with “excuse me.”  We were less hostile when we were out and about.  We actually made eye contact with other human beings and we were able to make more friends at work and school when we introduced “excuse me.”

I hope we can find “excuse me” soon before we totally become a complete nation of rude-hand-held- smart-phone-finger-flipping-downlooking-zombies!